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16. Service Week - 3/21

Please join us Sunday March 21th at 11am ET for

We Begin, Again, In Love

By Reverend DiAnna Ritolla

Description: In the past several years many UU congregations have begun honoring the Jewish High Holy Days each autumn with the responsive reading “We forgive ourselves and each other and begin again in love,"from A Litany of Atonement, written by UU minister Rev. Rob Eller-Isaacs. These holy days occur near the fall equinox, when the dark hours of the day begin to surpass the light hours here in the Northern Hemisphere. As we join together on this Spring Equinox, it feels fitting that we honor these longer daylight hours with a reminder to renew our commitment to love and healing, to begin the growing season with reconnecting to the Earth and the web of life that surrounds us. We are not separate from the Earth, and we are called to connect with all life in service, love, and a commitment to mutual well-being.

Rev. DiAnna Ritola is and Interfaith Minister and a Dianic Wiccan priestess. Her community-based ministry centers on spiritual counseling for trauma, intimate relationships, and sexuality along with rituals to honor life events and passages. DiAnna lives in NYC with her wife, Michele, a dog and a cat, and is doing her best to transform her small yard into a food and flower oasis. In May 2020, she published her first book Mismatched Luggage: Unpacking Your Sexual Baggage for Your Spiritual Journey. Her website is www.DiAnnaRitola.com.

Special Musician: Mike Holland

Storyteller: Freeman Owle

Media: Becky Thorndike, Warren Riley

  • March 28 - Friction Farm
  • April 4 - Jean Logan
  • Appril 11 - Amy Brooks
  • April 18 - Donna Corso

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March 21st - Marge Abel
March 22nd - Mary Teslow
March 30th - John (Tykie) Mason

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This month’s Circle Dinner is Wednesday, 3/17 and will be a combination of St. Patrick’s Day - wear green, our Drop-in Social - wear a smile and our circle dinner - bring food. We will begin at 5pm at the following zoom link. Our gathering is informal and all are welcome. Bring a friend and a leprechaun.
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Wow! This book turned out to be eye opening and a little scary. Lots of topics to discuss and maybe some life changing actions to adopt. Our first discussion on this book will be Saturday, March 20th from 3-4pm. This book is a quick read and there is still time to join the group. SandiDonn2@yahoo.com
 (by Warren Riley)
Listening from Warren: Traditional Irish dancing is done with arms kept by the side. It is all in the footwork. In recent years Riverdance has raised its popularity. Now there are contests.

The Willis Clan wins many if not most of the competitions.
A joke for the day from Warren:
A minister had fallen on tough financial times... So tough, that he was unsure of how he would pay next months bills, or continue to provide food for his family.
One day, in a moment of doubt, he prayed: "Heavenly Father, I am worried and uncertain, but know that you always provide for your children. Please, give me some words from your book to reassure and comfort me, and show me how you will take care of me in this time of need".
With that, the minister took his Bible and placed it on his desk in front of him. He continued his prayer: "Let these pages fall open to the passage meant for me, that I may know your plan".
With his eyes faithfully shut, he opened the Bible to a random page. He raised his finger above his head and dramatically spun it in circles "Now guide my finger, Lord, that it may fall on the words I need to hear the most".
He placed his finger onto the Bible, and with some apprehension, slowly opened his eyes to reveal God’s plan. "Chapter 7"
We will be having another game night starting at 6:30pm, but if you want to join us for dinner tune in at 6:00pm. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84881749253?pwd=L3MwUVE2aHJPUUhvOTdaNkdxaERJZz09
Phone: 312 626 6799
Meeting ID: 848 8174 9253
Passcode: 579256
 For more information 828 524-3691
Want to learn where your food comes from (locally) and how you can garden year-round in Western North Carolina? Join Paul Chew in a tour of his 1/4 acre market garden (raised beds) where he produces a smorgasbord of delicious and nutritious greens and other edibles. Paul brings his produce to the Franklin Tailgate market weekly and his leftovers to the UU before the pandemic. He is an organic grower, uses no power equipment in his garden, and uses spring water. His email is coweeeta@gmail.com. Contact him for a flyer.
Lynn and Rodney are in Duke hospital and will be coming home soon. If you are interested in supporting them by preparing food. We are looking to provide frozen foods in containers which do not need to be returned and are labeled with its contents. Please let Donn know at SandiDonn2@yahoo.com or 828 524-3691.