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13. Service Week - 2/21/21

Please join us Sunday February 21th at 11am ET for

"In the Name of Love: A Musical Service on the Journey to Unitarian Universalism"

By Greg Greenway

Description: In the Name of Love: A musical Service on the Journey to Unitarian Universalism. This service sprung from a conversation had at the UU in Richmond between Dr. Elias Ortega-Aponte, the new dean of Meadville-Lombard and about 25 member of the congregation. He invited the conversation illustrating his commitment to bring congregational experience into the training at seminary. He is a courageous man. We talked about what it means to be UU, how do you tell someone who has no idea about our religion what exactly it is we believe. Everyone agreed that the first part is about social justice, but what's next? For Theists, they tend to glaze over when we proceed without a God in the pantheon. This started me thinking about the first principle and it's corresponding passages across all religions. When you are truly committed to the first principle, that is a lifetime commitment. It is all about connection, the inescapable web of destiny as Dr. King expressed it. As my songs are the journal of my journey. This service uses them to demonstrate my feelings and experiences of separateness, and my journey toward UUism.

Greg Greenway is one of those artists who is so rich a talent that it is difficult to categorize him. He traverses, combines and mixes up musical genres, and manages to open a window on global events that bring us together as citizens of the world. Like other great performers before him, Greenway's message is that we can all play a part and make a difference in the course of both our private and public lives. But few musicians can do just this with such style, passion and sheer musicality.

Service Leader: Mike Holland

Special Musician: Sandi Erickson and Greg Greenway

Storyteller: Martha Tree

Media: Gene Brown, Mike Holland

  • Feb 28th - Rev. Dr. Clyde Grubbs
  • March 7th - John Snodgrass
  • March 14th - Freeman Owle, Cherokee Storyteller
  • March 21 - Rev. Dianna Ritolla

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Feb 15th - Tom Reisdorph
Feb 19th - Bill West
Feb 20th - Gene Brown
Feb 24th - Randy Martin
Our Sunday service thrives when we welcome diverse speakers and musicians. In order to keep our lineup fresh, we need you to reach out to orators and musicians alike. If you know someone who might be a great fit, please send them the appropriate form - 

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Macon County Health Covid-19 Vaccination Process (Per a 1/21/21 zoom training session)
All NC recipients of the vaccine must be registered in the NC Covid-19 Vaccine Management System (CVMS.) 
1. Register individually.
2. Your information will be entered into the CVMS.
3. You will be notified of which Priority Group you are in.
4. You will call MCHD to schedule an appointment when your Group is eligible. 
Registration requires: your name, residency, contact information, ethnic info, health information as needed to determine your priority. To register you can: 1. Use the MaconNC.org, “Individual On-Line Registration” option. A personal email address is required for this option. 2. Call Drake’s call center: 828 524-1500, A personal email address is required for this option. 3. With no email address, call MCHD call center: 828-349-2517, Option 2. It will take 4-5 business days from when you register for you to receive your Priority Group determination. You are responsible for finding out which Priority Group MCHD is scheduling and you must call MCHD 828-349-2517 to schedule an appointment for your first shot. MCHD is giving 200 shots/day (both 1st and 2nd.) The process seems to be in flux. Other vaccination distribution opportunities are being discussed: hospitals, Ingles, Walgreens, etc. So, we need to pay attention for other opportunities.
Hello! My name is Ivy Breivogel, and I am a senior Sociology/Anthropology student at Warren Wilson College. I was raised UU in Raleigh, NC and work at MountainCamp in Highlands. I'm currently conducting my Capstone research project, which is on how Unitarian Universalist religion and its members’ relationships with their religiosity are changing during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are willing to share your experience, please take this short survey! It will take about 5 minutes to complete. Here is the survey link: https://forms.gle/8AVGGvm5UCGeKfCj8 There is a question at the end to opt in to a follow-up interview. I'm looking for UUs of different ages, levels of involvement, and geographic location, so your input is important and will be very helpful! If you are willing to participate in an interview but do not want to take the initial survey, that’s fine too, just let me know! You can contact me with questions, comments, concerns, or anything else at ibreivogel.f18@warren-wilson.edu. Thank you!!
The Memorial Garden is evolving as shown in this photo. Fall leaves were raked and concrete blocks moved to contour the land and to create planters for Spring flowers. Tom, Jim and Donn made the improvements on this past picture taking Saturday. Ideas are being sought for further improvements to the Memorial Garden. If you get a chance, stop by, enjoy the winter sun in the garden and give some thought as to what you think would make the garden more enjoyable. Please pass your ideas on to our Grounds Committee: Tricia and Tom.

We are planning another zoom circle dinner. 
 • It’s easy - Everyone can participate from their own home.
 • It’s green - no fuel consumption.
 • It’s efficient - no drive time.
 • It’s safe - no designated drivers.
 • It’s community building - get to know each other.
 • It’s fun - food, drink and conversation. 
 The plan is to gather at the zoom meeting (via computer or telephone - links listed below,) at 5:00pm. We can then enjoy conversation as we consume the dinners we each prepare and the dishes we each wash. 
By Phone: 312 626 6799 
Meeting ID: 848 8174 9253 
Passcode: 579256 
See you then. 828 524-3691
FET 2020 Year-end Report 
 Thanks to the generosity and foresight of some current members as well as past members, the Fellowship Endowment Trust (FET) is now a reality. Special thanks also go to Warren Riley who spearheaded the efforts to get an endowment trust established in the Fellowship bylaws. The goal of the FET is to assure the long-term survival of UUFF. It is a fund where financial gifts will last the lifetime of UUFF rather than be used for current expenses. All dividends and interest earned by the trust will be reinvested. UUFF members will continue to contribute as well as put the FET in their wills so that the funds under FET management will grow significantly over the years. Once the trust reaches a sufficient size, it will then be possible for the FET to contribute to the annual UUFF budget from the dividends and interests accrued without touching the principal. Also, if UUFF were to suffer a severe financial emergency at any time, the FET may provide funds in the form of a loan to help the Fellowship recover and prosper. The FET is managed by a committee of three members that were approved by the Fellowship board: Jim Meara (Chairman), Trish Piper (Recording Secretary), and John Fraser (Financial Secretary). Warren Riley continues to serve the FET as a fund-raising advisor. FET funds are held by Vanguard since they offer a wide variety of investment options with generally the lowest investment fees available. At the end of the year, FET had $35,754.51 invested with Vanguard. Shortly, after the beginning of the year, an additional $6,339.51 was transferred to Vanguard from a CD that was maturing. This brought the total assets held by Vanguard up to $42,094.02, including earnings from Vanguard of $353.51 for 2020. Another CD with a value of about $5100 will be maturing in April and transferred to Vanguard, bringing the total up to approximately $47,194 at that time. 
Jwf:1/25/2021 The Fellowship Endowment Trust Team
Is the romance of Valentine's Day still with you. Here is one of the most romantic arias in all of opera. Sung by the courtesan of a wealthy man, it tells of a fictional maiden that spurns wealth for true love. 
Start at 2:00 or even 5:00
Of course, Magda seeks romance and finds it. Then like the swallow (La Rondine), she returns.
From Bonnie:
         Go http://ujimagen.org and click on the section "From Enslavement to Freedom" The Saga of the Butler Island Plantation for more info and to register for this free event taking place at 4:00PM online this Thursday, Feb. 18th.
 - Saturday Feb 27th @ 7pm
There will be a memorial service for Henry Horton via Zoom on Saturday Feb. 27th., 7:00pm. Next week there will be more formal announcement in the UU View and next Sunday. His family, from Missouri to Hawaii, will be with us to share the memories.