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8. Service Week 1/17/2021

Please join us Sunday January 17th at 11am ET for

Civic Virtue: How to Love A Country

By Holley Ulbrich

Description: What does our liberal faith teach us about how to be a good, engaged, effective citizen of our national community? The answers come in part from an old form of ethics, originating with Aristotle and revived in the 20th century, that suggest that our attitudes, our habits of the heart, are more useful than reason and argument in pointing the the way.

Holly Ulbrich is a frequent pulpit guest at UUFF and long-time member of the Clemson Fellowship. She is a retired Clemson University economist with a Master's degree in theology from Candler School of Theology at Emory. She has been preaching and leading worship for 45 years, starting as a Lutheran and retooled for the last 30 years as a UU. In retirement, she remains active in public policy work, currently in her fourth and final year as co-president of the Leave of Women Voters of South Carolina.

Service Leader: Mike Holland

Special Musician: Martha Tree and Selma Sparks

Storyteller: Sandi Erickson

Media: Gene Brown, Mike Holland, Shalimar Anderson

GREAT NEWS regarding Joining the Sunday Service Broadcast:

This is a recurring meeting every Sunday!

Sign in as early as 10:30 and services begin at 11:00 followed by a coffee hour post service.


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This broadcast will have a 15-20 second delay between the call and what is being displayed. 

Joys and Concerns will be conveyed by Mike
Virtual Coffee Hour not available with Facebook
Jan 24th - Reverend Dr. Edward Frost
Jan 31st - Reverend Tracie Barrett
Feb 7th - TBA
Feb 14th - Gregory Carrow Boyd
Jan 2nd - Sue Ann Reisdorph
Jan 8th - Janice Schroeder
Jan 10th - Danna Fewell
Jan 15th - Donn Erickson
Jan 19th - John Fraser
Our Sunday service thrives when we welcome diverse speakers and musicians. In order to keep our lineup fresh, we need you to reach out to orators and musicians alike. If you know someone who might be a great fit, please send them the appropriate form - 

General Speaker Interest Form
 - and note about UUView publication
In an effort to maintain my sanity, I ask that the following form be used for UU View feature requests moving forward:
I'm so happy to serve this fellowship as Communications Chair, but keeping all the View requests organized has been a challenge for me. Please use this form to ensure all the pertinent information is captured for me.
Moreover, I am shifting the UUView publication timeframe. Getting the view together for Thursday publication is not aligned with my schedule at all. I am going to start producing the view on Sunday evenings for publication Monday mornings. Please have any submissions for the view in by the end of coffee hour (around 1pm) on Sundays.
Each week, UUFF hosts a Wednesday night Drop-In Zoom social session beginning at 6:30.
I will update with the link and joining details once I confirm them. -Shalimar
More information is emerging about the County Health Department's vaccine rollout. IT IS A MULTI-STEP PROCESS that takes time and effort -- best to get a jump on things now.
Anyone (not just those over 75) can call the Macon county Health Department at (828) 349-2081, OPTION 8 to leave a callback number for scheduling as more vaccine becomes available.
It is advised that you call soon. Once you get a callback, you will be asked to fill out a registration form. Once the form is filled out, you will wait for another call for scheduling.
In an effort to produce an updated member directory, Gene and Shalimar will be holding an OUTDOOR picture day at the Sanctuary January 23rd at 2pm until 4pm.
Pictures will be staged near the Sanctuary Door.
Folks will be asked to stay in their cars as they wait for their turn.
Mask wearing will be expected right up until it's time to say "Cheese."
Please plan to get all gussied up and head over for your glamour shot! <3
olunteer Opportunities with UU Franklin

Calling all UUs!

Brace yourself for a bit of a truth bomb...

Our beloved Fellowship doesn't run on pixie dust and well-wishes. I know, I know, it's shocking. 

Several key people put in hours and hours each week to ensure Sunday Services keep happening, this newsletter goes out, the grounds are kept up during this time away from our sanctuary, and that we continue to hold a place in the hearts and minds of our community. You know who they are -- Mike, Gene, Becky, Sandi, Donn, Warren, Me (Shalimar), the Mearas...
But we need more help. We want to take time away, but we can't without letting our whole fellowship down. Please, consider giving the gift of your time and talents. Training is provided, and Covid precautions are in place.

Right now we have immediate need of volunteers in these critical areas:

  1. Flowers for the sanctuary each Sunday
  2. Service leaders
  3. Storytime readers
  4. Musical Guests
  5. Leaders for contemplative dialog and spirituality discussions
  6. RE Course facilitators
  7. Social Media managers and relief UU View editors
If you've been looking for something to help keep you busy, please reach out to vicepresident@uufranklin.org and express your interest!
Remember - Love is the spirit of this fellowship, and community is its goal. Our great covenant absolutely includes service. Reach out today to help one another!

Committee of Chairs (CoC)

Thursday 1/21/21 (palindrome day!) at 5pm via zoom

Chairpersons -- please see your email for joining information and agenda as the day approaches. Remember - budgets are DUE Feb 2nd at noon.

ducational Opportunities with UUs from all over
A couple great zoom events are coming up. Here's what's on the calendar...

  • The Struggle for Unitarian Universalism: Defending our Seven Principles. 
    • A conversation led by The Religious Professional Task Force of the UU Multiracial Unity Action Council. Via zoom 2/6/21 3-5 Central Time
    • RSVP by noon on Feb 6th uumuac@gmail.com cost is $10 for non UUMUAC members.
/ Stir Crazy
This section of the UU View is for music and jokes. These are submitted by fellowship members throughout the week. If you have a song or joke suggestion, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/5mNjmt3uBJcYpNju6
Your suggestion will be reviewed and added.
This week we have several submissions.
First up is from Olga -
Next is from Danna -
Lastly a joke submitted by Warren - 
A woman attended a UU service for the first time.  The theme was gender equality.  She was so impressed that the church's attention to the subject that as she shook the pastor's hand on the way out the door she said, "That was the best damn service I have ever attended."   The preacher explained that although the UUs are liberal, they do not condone cursing, especially in sanctuary.  The woman then ranted, that the damn Christian churches didn't give a damn about the gender equality.  The minister responded that our principle of UUs is the respect for others and their religion and cursing them was disrespectful.  "And reverend, that was the most uplifting damn sermon I ever heard!"
Things were getting tense. 
The Reverend again replied, "Thank you ma'am, but please, I'd appreciate it if you didn't phrase it with profanity." The perplexed minister kept trying to break away. The woman continued, "The whole service was so damn good, I put $500 in the collection plate."
The minister gasped and whispered in her ear, "Well I'll be goddamned!?  I sure hope you come again soon."