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3. Service Week 12/13/2020


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Sermon Title: What Would the Swami Say?

Join us on Sunday, December 13th at 11am as we are visited by Reverend Sally Beth Shore

In 1893, Swami Vivekananda, representing the Hindu faith, opened the World's Parliament of Religions (an adjunct to the Chicago World's Fair) with a message of tolerance and inclusivity. Invited by the Secretary of the Conference, the tireless Unitarian stalwart Rev. Jenkin Lloyd Jones, Vivekananda thereafter would spend several years touring the United States and is credited with bringing Hinduism and Yoga to the West. A polymath and keenly aware of the political problems of his age, Vivekananda achieved remarkable success reinterpreting Hinduism and ancient Vedism. His was a radical message of unity, based on and understanding that Divinity resides in each of us. What would the teacher have to say to us in our times?

Reverend Sally Beth Shore: Since being called to the UU Ministry, Rev. Sally Beth Shore has pastored UU congregations in Black Mountain, Tryon and Hendersonville, Spartanburg, as well as serving as a UU College of Social Justice trip leader for several years. Ordained in 2013, Shore recently completed serving as the Interim Minister for the Unitarian Universalists of Transylvania County in Brevard. In addition to her work as a pastor, Shore facilitates and trains Appreciative Inquiry. She is passionate about human potential and believes we usually find whatever it is we look for. She lives in Asheville with her husband of 29 years, Michael Shore. Find out more about her at SBsWonderWorks.com

Speaker: Reverend Sally Beth Shore

Service Leader: Mike Holland

Special Musician: Martha Tree

Media: Gene Brown and Mike Holland

uture Speakers
Dec. 20 - Holiday Service - request a time slot here
Dec. 27 - John Bloom-Ramirez
Jan. 3 - John Snodgrass
Jan. - 10th Ann Bokma
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Joys and Concerns
Selma expresses a great joy for her little doggie. <3
Becky reports a joy that Henry is settled in, and doing well with his son in Hawai'i
We are asked to keep the Ericksons in our hearts as they have a son-in-law that has tested positive for Covid-19
ecember Birthdays
Lynn Roe -Dec 3!
Charlie Brown - Dec 11!
Henry Horton - Dec 21!

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ometown Holliday Gathering - Signup Here!

Sunday December 20th @ 6pm

A Hometown Holiday Gathering

via Zoom

Winter solstice has always been a time of celebration and community engagement. As we approach the longest nights of the year, cultures around the world celebrate with festivals of lights, love, and merry-making. You are cordially invited to an open mic holiday gathering with UU Franklin. Please come to a special evening service and share a story, poem, song, memory or smile with us. Click here to reserve your time with the Master of Ceremonies
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ard Drive for Henry - A Call to Action!
Henry has landed in Hawai'i and is enjoying paradise alongside his son. We ask that a little love gets sent his way -- his Birthday is approaching (12/21) and a card or letter would be most welcome. Please send to:
Pahoa, Hawaii 96778
pirituality Discussion

Spirituality Discussion: Sunday December 13th 9:30am-10:30am

 Our topic for this Sunday will be a follow-up from last month’s discussion about Pandemic Ethics.

 The ethical duty to avoid harming others is a well-recognized principle, balanced with personal liberty by the saying, "Your right to swing your fist ends where another person's nose begins".  But how could we persuade people that the principle applies to mask-wearing and other public health measures that may appear to infringe on personal liberty?  To what extent do the complexities of this virus complicate such efforts?

 Covid-19 is highly contagious, more so than flu, and is often spread by people who are not adhering to public health recommendations, do not have symptoms, and may never have symptoms.  These characteristics make the virus especially dangerous.  In addition, mask-wearing, while providing some protection for the wearer, primarily protects others, making mask-wearing more an altruistic action than a self-serving one.  The more mask layers there are between people, the greater the protection, so the argument that it is up to the people who care about the virus to protect themselves while others can do as they please does not seem ethically valid.

 Is the conflict between avoiding harm to others and personal liberty an ethical dilemma, or just an ethical tension, with the ethically correct action being clear but inconvenient?

 Are there legal implications?  A Supreme Court case in 1905, prompted by a smallpox outbreak in Massachusetts, confirmed a state's right to enact regulations to protect public health and safety.  Typhoid Mary was confined to an isolated bungalow in the early 1900s after she repeatedly refused to stop working as a cook and infected numerous people, some of whom died.  The Supreme Court case was also the basis for mandatory measles vaccinations in certain NYC zip codes in 2019. 

 How can the public be educated about this virus, given the current level of misinformation and denial?  Whose duty is that?  How can public cooperation with masks, social distancing, testing, and contact tracing be improved while we await widespread vaccination?

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ocial Hour - Wednesday Evenings
Every Wednesday, we host a Social Hour at 6pm. Please join us for some UU company and conversation...


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ame Night

Game Night Saturday, December 12th, 6:30pm

 We will be having another game night starting at 6:30pm, but if you want to join us for dinner tune in at 6:00pm.


Phone: 312 626 6799

Meeting ID: 848 8174 9253

Passcode: 579256

For more information 828 524-3691

our Celebration Photos - A Call to Action!
Please join Warren and Shalimar in preparation for the Holiday program - your help only takes a few minutes, and is so very needed.
Each of us has photos from our family holiday celebrations. In a year like 2020, we could all use a little bit of warmth and nostalgia for the holiday celebrations of yesteryear. Recent photos, years-ago photos, and very very old photos -- please share some with us for presentation at our holiday gathering. When you send your pics (half dozen is plenty), be sure to name the people in the photo - we'll edit them together with a little music for a feature in the holiday program.
Email those wonderful photos here: photos@uufranklin.org
 Message from the Membership Chair, Bonnie

Warmest greetings to all!

It is during this time of our pandemic I find myself especially grateful for my membership and connection with this congregation. That's going some 20 years back!  I feel that although we are small in number, we are made up of good hearts and minds. We're not a perfect group but we try to learn from the 'errors of our ways' and we really want to be here both for each other and for the greater good. 

Please contact me with any questions you may have about m
Hoping we can meet in person before too many more months go by. In the meantime, I so enjoy getting to attend our Zoom services (thank you, Gene and Mike for facilitating these!)  I wish everyone wellness, warmth, and enough food on your table during this unusual holiday season. 

reventing Cabin Fever - From Warren 
from Warren: This is reminiscent of a siciliana, a dance from Sicily.
Why does is sound like Christmas music? Like a piece from the Missiah?
It is the last movement from Corelli's Christmas Concerto, the Pastoral. 

If watched and enjoyed the Zorba Greek dancing?  Thy this

How about you?  Would you like to share a link to your inspirational music, art, drama, etc. ??  Send it to Shalimar Anderson <chairofcomm@uufranklin.org>
ge of Aquarius - Final Activation
To follow up on the comments made by Diana last week, John Fraser is sharing this video regarding the Age of Aquarius
oats from the Sanctuary
Here are some coats that were left in the sanctuary closet. Due to some tech shifting, we need these coats to go home to their owners ASAP. Please contact treasurer@uufranklin.org to arrange pickup of your long lost coat!

icture Day is Coming
In an effort to produce an updated Member Directory, Gene and Shalimar will be hosting a socially-distanced Picture Day! We will be asking members to swing by the Sanctuary in January to have a picture taken. More information will be posted in the following weeks. We will have at least two dates in January to have your picture taken -- start planning your outfit now. :-)
azzy and Rockin' Yuletide
Let's start things off with a racy little Christmas bop!

Let's keep the theme going with some more romantic vibes...

Now for something a bit more somber... 

Now let's round it out with the hardest workin man in show business...

Honorable mention, but perhaps a little too risque for the View (so links not included):
Santa's Secret by Johnny Guarnieri (Savoy Christmas Blues comp)
Santa Baby by Rev Run and the Christmas All Stars (this is a hip hop jam that SLAPS)