UUA Presidential Election

UUA logo    A new UUA President
will be elected at  General Assembly

New Orleans - June 21-25, 2017

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The candidates agreed that the president has several primary roles: spiritual leader of the faith, prophetic leader, chief executive officer, and the chief fundraiser for the UUA.   (Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.)

  • The Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray
    “We are in a time of great change for our country and our planet,” said Frederick-Gray, lead minister at the UU Congregation of Phoenix, who was key in organizing Justice GA, in 2012, in Phoenix, which focused on immigrant justice. “Unitarians are called to be a bold and vital voice for love and for justice.” Citing her relationships with Opal Tometi, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, and with the Rev. John Dorhauer, president of the United Church of Christ, Frederick-Gray said that as president she would forge partnerships with social justice organizations and other liberal faiths.
  • The Rev. Alison Miller
    Miller, senior Minister of the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship in Morristown, New Jersey, and president of the board of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, said, “I am running with a deep sense for the possibilities our faith has to offer in healing our lives.” She said Unitarian Universalism needs “to embrace powerful change,” and that “we need to risk boldness in how we lead our congregational life together” in order to realize what she sees as “real possibility for growth.”
  • The Rev. Jeanne Pupke
    “I believe strongly we can be a faith on fire!” said Pupke, senior minister of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond, Virginia, who is a former Catholic nun, former CEO in the corporate world, and a former member of the UUA board of trustees. “I am an encourager of people, I’m someone who wants to build up our faith to make it its best self,” she added.
UUFF has two votes. Our choice of candidate(s)
will be selected at the Annual Meeting on June 11th.