The Persistence of Love in a Time of Fear

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Sunday, September 3, 2017 - 7:00am

Josina Cooper Guess. The current global migration crisis is the largest and most rapid escalation ever in the number of people displaced around the world, among them 21 million refugees. In recent years more than 3 million have been resettled in the United States.  Since 2016, however, U.S. migration policies have shown increasing animosity toward both immigrants and refugees.  Unitarian Universalist principles strongly call for justice, equality, and compassion toward these suffering people. 

Our speaker this week is Communications Director for Jubilee Partners which is a Christian service community whose mission has been offering hospitality to refugees.  Since 1980 the organization, located in Commerce, Georgia, has assisted resettling of over 3000 refugees from more than 30 countries.  Is there a role for our fellowship in the resolution of this crisis? 

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