Local Foods

Buy Fresh - Buy Local

Eating Local Food is an American tradition.

It helps our country, our community and our health.

Local Food Brochures attached below.


Local food

  • Fresher and tastes better. It doesn’t have to be picked to survive to a long drive across country. It lasts longer too.
  • Strengthens the local economy by supporting our neighbors and keeping our food dollars close to home; especially if the food is grown locally and served in a local restaurant.
  • Know where and how our food is grown and that it comes directly from a farm and not a factory.
  • Builds a stronger community agricultural base making us less dependent on fragile, long distance supply lines and maintains the farm country setting of our community.
  • Creates community by letting you connect to the people who raise and grow it.  People who know you tend to want to help you, whether it's giving you a deal on a leg of lamb, letting you know when your favorite tomatoes will be in, or setting aside fresh chevre for you.
  • Reduce environmental impact/lighter carbon footprint.

Raw-mazing dinners: See the Drum Circle page on our Arts tab.

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