Caring Connections

Caring Connections Network

Each member of our Fellowship has a Caring Connections FRIEND to contact when you have a question, need assistance, want links to other people, committees or services and much more.

We are a group of volunteer UU members who work to strengthen and maintain our close-knit extended family.  We provide help in times of crisis, ongoing support, information and friendship. 

Our Caring Connections FRIENDS are:  Wanda Akers, Madeleine Ferland, Sandi Hawk, Laura Loveless, Val Nybo, Sue Ann Reisdorph, Maethel Shindelman and Linda Winn-Brown.

You have been receiving information from your FRIEND and she always welcomes an opportunity to talk with you, receive your emails and meet with you.  If you’d like more information about CARING CONNECTIONS,  please get in touch with her!